Akamai Strategies understands the range of skills needed for advertising and public relations, database analysis, Internet marketing - and all the rest of it, too.

Add in our executive-level management experience and we understand the pressure to perform. No worries, we've done it. And whether you know exactly what you need or have only an idea of the problem, we know just how to help.

What we do is unusual. We've got the left and the right brain firing in sync so we naturally integrate the spectrum of marketing disciplines to help you determine the objective, if necessary, and offer you
specific, results-oriented solutions. Though the range of abilities is varied, it's all marketing.

Akamai Strategies brings expertise and resources to your organization in these areas:

Strategic Marketing
Corporate Identity and Branding
Investor Relations
Corporate Communications
- Business to Business
- Business to Consumer
Product/Services Marketing
Public Relations
Strategic Alliances
Omni-Channel Marketing
Social Media Analytics
Market Positioning
CRM Strategy and Implementation
Mergers and Acquisitions
Project Management
Website design
Internet marketing programs
- Consumer
- Affiliate

Analysis - Competitive
Analysis - Customer / Database
Analysis - Market Studies

Direct Marketing Programs
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Focus Groups

Agency evaluation and selection

Product launch or opening
Budget reviews and generation
Collateral generation
Promotional and Special Events