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Pronounced AH-ka-my, a Hawaiian word meaning intelligent, intuitive and insightful or savvy.

1 + 1 = 3

BinocularsAkamai Strategies approaches each client with this objective in mind. We bring expertise and management to all disciplines of marketing and communications.

Some organizations are proficient in certain areas of marketing but lack a full range of expertise, or the strategic perspective required, to take them to the next level. Others may be facing a significant change that needs to be communicated to investors or clients; finding revenues slipping - without an explanation; or facing competitive challenges - without a plan.

Addressing any of these scenarios requires elements of marketing, communications and management. Many organizations, however, fall short by addressing their challenges tactically - through the elements of marketing. While every area of marketing will impact an enterprise, we believe that all of them working together create a sum greater than the parts - Synergy.

From creative to analytical, from strategic to tactical, Akamai Strategies provides the experience and insight you need to create profitable results for your enterprise – across counties or across countries.